Perfecting the Girard Perregaux’s signature Tourbillon Bridge 

Royal De Versailles, Toronto’s premier destination for luxury watches and jewellery, was thrilled to collaborate with Girard Perregaux for an exclusive event for their clients on the evening of Wednesday, November 7.  Each guest, under the direction of the Swiss brand’s master watch maker, learned the painstaking process of finishing a movement, in particular the polishing of Girard Perregaux’s signature Tourbillon bridge. 


Girard Perregaux, a high-end Swiss watch Manufacturer, has a horological legacy dating over 227 years originating from the watchmaking town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. With over 100 patents currently held by the Maison, the brand seeks perfection in its manufacturing its components completely in-house. Girard Perregaux was one of the earliest in innovating the tourbillion movement, which won a gold medal in 1857 at the Universal Exhibition in Paris. 


The low production strategy of the brand, supplying just over 7000 pieces a year, focuses its expertise on machining the tiniest imperfections by hand. Because a watch must be beautiful inside as it is on the outside, Girard Perregaux bevellers spend over a week of long hours behind the bench, just on the tourbillion bridge movement. 


In this exclusive behind the scenes workshop experience, Royal De Versailles’ clients, each with their own detailed watchmaking kits, assembled their own bridges while sipping wine, enjoying Hors D’oeuvre and listening to the brand’s legacy. Their finished bridges were incorporated into cufflinks as a gift for the guests.

 After practicing this delicate art, our guest made their way to a private dining area where they enjoyed a most delicious meal amongst the company of Girard Perregaux timepieces.  Thank you to our guests and Girard Perrregaux experts for partaking in such a fascinating and enjoyable evening.