This is Piaget

Master of craft and sophistication, Piaget is a lifestyle, an attitude that combines over a century-long expertise with an ever-renewed sense of joyfulness, conviviality, and extravaganza.

Watchmaker of audacity, jeweller of times, Piaget captures the subtle art of positive tensions: from its birthplace in Switzerland (in the mountain village of La Côte-aux-Fées) to its soulmate region of Côte d’Azur, the Maison displays extravagance and elegance, technicity and beauty, a love of singularity and a strong sense of community. Modern by tradition, avant-garde by conviction! 

At Piaget, we believe that mastery liberates creativity: it is our philosophy as a remarkable watchmaker-jeweller. 

It is with this in mind that we created this new brand campaign. Bringing back our Maison’s iconic relevance and recreating our myth for today, the campaign is an invitation to live an inspiring life, reminding the newcomers of the Piaget society of our rich and flamboyant ingenuity. 

To represent these core values, we created a powerhouse look, an instantly recognizable and ownable style, carried out by a carefully chosen cast to authentically embody our brand: modern, multifaceted, diverse and inclusive. With their modern beauties, radiating personalities and contagious joie de vivre, models Georgia Palmer and Signe Veiteberg are among the new faces of Piaget. 

Their boldness and singularity are sublimated by the eye of iconic photographer Mikael Jansson, a master of light who has collaborated with the world’s most visionary brands. His talent shines through in the liveliness and audaciousness his images convey. With the help of image maker Benjamin Bruno, Jansson crafted beaming, fun images, in which people and products alike radiate with energy. 

Using the Maison’s signature delicate, modern blue for the launch, the campaign will later reveal golden hues images. Playing with perspectives and scales, the images are a celebration of togetherness and shared joy. A unique dynamic, a joyful dialectic, where the singularity of each individual nourishes the vitality of the group. 

In the same spirit, the iconic Possession jewellery line, the ultra-thin Altiplano watch, the classic Piaget Polo watch and the strong statement of the Palace Décor are all featured in a campaign that puts emblematic, strong and unforgettable creations at the forefront. 

Creating a new visual identity that tells stories about style and products as well as heritage (in the wake of our 150th anniversary), this brand campaign will allow Piaget to reach out to new audiences wherever they might be. A guarantee that the ever-growing Piaget Society will remain an inspiration for the culture and those who make and enjoy it. 

“Digging into the past to create the future”, as Piaget’s CEO Benjamin Comar puts it, this brand campaign sheds a new light on Piaget’s iconic history, rooted in the flamboyance of the 70s and 80s, to state what comes next. “The campaign mixes the sense of elegance inherited from the Maison’s origins in La Côte-aux-Fées with the extravaganza of the 1970s, when Piaget came to master the craft of gold work and made colorful stones part of its DNA, Comar adds. The creations displayed each symbolize the mastery of Piaget, its sense of chic, its boldness, its exceptional craftsmanship and its audacity.” 

For Fatti Laleh, who joined Piaget earlier this year as International Director of Image and Communication, the campaign is a modern take on reviving the legacy of the Piaget Society. “Our Society is a creative movement. Social before social media, this joyful group whether in front or behind the camera connects cultural leaders, pioneers, and modern beauties. It is a home away from home for those who live boldly but with sophistication, those who dare to be rare. Its collective energy has the unique power to open new perspectives and create new spaces where memory and imagination collide. The result is very direct with impactful images, in which I carefully looked to equally valorize our watch and jewellery categories. It’s joyful, it’s extravagant. It’s sophisticated, it’s Piaget”.