Choosing Your Wedding Day Jewellery

Choosing your wedding day jewellery can be as important as choosing your dress, and we’re here to help you find the perfect combination of jewellery to capture your desired wedding day look.

Whether you want to dazzle from head to toe or have a more understated and delicate sparkle, you will find everything you need at Royal de Versailles Jewellers. 

Let’s start with earrings.

You can never go wrong with classic diamond studs, and we have the perfect studs to make your earlobes shine.

To add a little bit more glamour to your look, we recommend diamond drop earrings, like these.

Pearls have been a wedding day classic from day one, and our diamond and pearl drop earrings are second to none.

 A necklace can bring balance to your look by bringing attention up to your neck and face. Depending on the cut of your dress, you might select a necklace that sits at your collar bones, or perhaps one that sits more towards your bust.

These are some of our favourite necklaces that will bring a spectacular sparkle to your special day.

Bracelets can add an elegant glimmer that will follow you through your ceremony and reception. Choose the delicate shimmer of a tennis bracelet or bangle, or a bold, diamond studded cuff.

Our goal is to help you feel your most beautiful on your most special day, and our sales associates will guide you through each step of the way. Visit us today at 101 Bloor Street West in Toronto, and make your wedding day shine!